What Exercises Should I Do After Orthodontic Treatment?

As an expert in orthodontic treatment, learn what exercises you should do after treatment and how myofunctional therapy can help improve speech and facial appearance.

What Exercises Should I Do After Orthodontic Treatment?

As an expert in orthodontic treatment, I recommend that patients use a device with a smooth and resistant finish, known as a prefinish, to help end the treatment. This will apply the right pressure to ensure that the teeth move to their desired positions. If you play sports, it is important to wear a mouth guard designed by your orthodontist to protect your braces and your mouth. Myofunctional therapy is also often vitally important for orthodontic treatment.

This type of therapy helps to improve the coordination between the tongue, lips, and jaw muscles. It can help to improve speech and swallowing problems as well as improve the overall facial appearance. During visits with the orthodontist, they can tighten, bend, or replace the thin metal arch that runs from one support to another. To prevent and alleviate pain caused by metal wires and braces, the orthodontist can provide you with soft orthodontic wax that is applied to orthodontic appliances as needed.

Your orthodontist can create the perfect night protector so you can keep your teeth and braces safe while you sleep. However, that's not to say that wearing braces isn't uncomfortable sometimes, especially after adjusting the cables. Frequent follow-up visits with the orthodontist are needed, usually every four to six weeks, to monitor progress and adjust the wires. When wearing braces, it's smart to stay away from anything sticky in general, especially anything that sticks to your teeth.

Parents should also encourage their children to continue practicing excellent oral hygiene, even in case of discomfort, as it is especially important to keep teeth and gums clean while wearing braces. Orthodontic wax is designed to help you adapt to getting used to wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances. Many orthodontic patients wonder if they should continue seeing their pediatric or family dentist while undergoing orthodontic treatment. The answer is yes! Regular dental visits will help avoid the possibility of painful tooth decay problems.

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